Darlene T's Email to Senator Bob Corker

06/16/2009 09:12

I gave you a grade of B. I am writing to you and asking for you to vote no on the Jefferson County Intermodal & Logistics Park Project.  There is so much negativity that comes to my mind when hearing about this proposed rail yard in New Market. I enjoy the drive from New Market to my home in Straw. Plains. I live one block off of Hwy 11E. I have driven to work many mornings going to Jeff City in awe of the beauty of the sunrise over that area. I watch an elderly man walk to the Roadside Market every morning and afternoon. He is widowed and lives alone. It takes him a while to walk that short distance, because his arthritis has become more severe. He has to stop frequently along the way. That market provides his meals for him. His house is one that will be demolished. What amount of money can be given to him that will compensate for taking away his home? I do not see the "blessings" that can come out of this proposal. I know the noise will be horrific. The roads will be busy with semi's which will also take a heavy toll from all the trucks traveling on them. Please reject this proposal. I am for increase in industry, but not at the cost of our farmers land and their homes.  The richness and beauty of this area will be destroyed. New Market and its people will never be the same.  Again, I urge you to vote against this proposal. Thank you.

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