George F's Email to Senator John Barrasso

07/24/2022 15:25

I gave you a grade of C. You're not up for relection until 2024. We may not have a country in 2024! You and a number of other senators sent a letter to comatose Joe Biden, WHOOPI!! Want to bet he didn't read it, he could care less. There's roughly 100 days to the midterms, why isn't every republican senator out in public making noise about the miserable state of the country. Why is Fox news, Newsmax, and Trump the only ones carry the burden? Don't play that "I'm to dignified". The democrats are far for being shy, in fact there are numerous democrats breaking the law every day! It's sad but true that only 50% of eligible voters, vote in the general election, it's far less in the off years. When you consider the number of low information voters we have it's imperative that every republican start educating the general public. How much land has the CCP bought up in WY. You better check into that. Think about this while you're worried about your next election, the next war will be right here in our country are you ready?

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