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Is the Senate too TOXIC for November?

During the Senate confirmation process of Judge Kavanaugh, I kept hearing the words of the British historian, Lord Acton who said: “power corrupts and absolute p…

OCare might finally be's how

Last week, 18 state Attorneys General and two Governors again sued to have Obamacare declared unconstitutional. This time it might work and here’s why. When the …

Congress Bows their heads

Members of Congress are bowing their heads to honor the late Rev. Billy Graham in our U.S. Capitol Rotunda yesterday, Wed. Feb. 28, 2018. Maybe they should consider be…

Repeal & replace OCare in the Budget

Trump Budget Seeks Savings Through Obamacare Repeal By Nathaniel Weixel The Hill, Feb. 12, 2018 The White House budget for fiscal year 2019 seeks major saving…

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Top 5



(R)  FL-15th

1. K. Hern (R) OK-1st A
2. M. Brooks (R) AL-5th A
3. R. Spano (R) FL-15th A
4. M. Green (R) TN-7th A
5. R. Scott (R) FL A

Bottom 5



(D)  VA-8th

535. P. Aguilar (D) CA-31st F
534. C. Allred (D) TX-32nd F
533. C. Axne (D) IA-3rd F
532. N. Barragan (D) CA-44th F
531. D. Beyer (D) VA-8th F

MOC of the Week

Robert B. Aderholt

(R) Alabama - 4th
Ranked #0

Biggest Climbers

S. Collins (R) ME
R. Latta (R) OH-5th
S. Womack (R) AR-3rd
P. Toomey (R) PA
A. Biggs (R) AZ-5th
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Biggest Fallers

R. Burr (R) NC
D. Lamborn (R) CO-5th
K. Marchant (R) TX-24th
J. Carter (R) TX-31st
T. Cole (R) OK-4th
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Most Viewed

1. N. Pelosi (D) CA-12th
2. C. Schumer (D) NY
3. D. Feinstein (D) CA
4. M. McConnell (R) KY
5. L. Graham (R) SC

Least Viewed

535. J. Van Drew (D) NJ-2nd
534. G. Stanton (D) AZ-9th
533. S. Horsford (D) NV-4th
532. B. Steil (R) WI-1st
531. A. Spanberger (D) VA-7th