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Red or Blue School? Not Mascot colors

Studies show that the color of your city/state aka political affiliation, is an accurate indicator of whether your local school is open or closed to in-school learning…

Your local vote matters

Minneapolis is planning to spend $6.4 million to hire a bunch of additional  police officers, just a few months after the City Council voted to cut the department…

Pres. Biden ends 1776 project

President Biden rescinded former Pres. Trump's 1776 commission, designed to teach & inform "patriotic education." The commission was announced last S…

Congress joins Texas lawsuit

106 members of Congress signed onto the Texas lawsuit that argues that Pennsylvania, Michigan, Arizona and Georgia unlawfully followed their own state laws, including …



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Top 5

1. A. Pluger (R) TX-11th A
2. A. Clyde (R) GA-9th A
3. B. Moore (R) UT-1st A
4. M. Miller-Meeks (R) IA-2nd A
5. J. Rutherford (R) FL-4th A

Bottom 5



(D)  VA-8th

535. J. Auchincloss (D) MA-4th F
534. C. Axne (D) IA-3rd F
533. N. Barragan (D) CA-44th F
532. D. Beyer (D) VA-8th F
531. C. Booker (D) NJ F

MOC of the Week

Robert B. Aderholt

(R) Alabama - 4th
Ranked #0

Biggest Climbers

R. Latta (R) OH-5th
J. Merkley (D) OR
S. Womack (R) AR-3rd
P. Toomey (R) PA
S. Collins (R) ME
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Biggest Fallers

R. Burr (R) NC
D. Lamborn (R) CO-5th
J. Carter (R) TX-31st
T. Cole (R) OK-4th
M. Crapo (R) ID
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Most Viewed

1. N. Pelosi (D) CA-12th
2. C. Schumer (D) NY
3. D. Feinstein (D) CA
4. M. McConnell (R) KY
5. L. Graham (R) SC