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COVID 19 Data is sad!

Data from the Foundation for Research on Equal Opportunity has revealed that an estimated 42.4% of all COVID-19 deaths have been our loved ones who live in nursing hom…

Sanctuary city for Churches?

What if Mayors of cities where church is being forbidden were to declare their city a sanctuary city...for churches? Hum. Visit and let your voice be hear…

No church for a year--WHAT?

No Church for a year...WHAT? Gov. Pritzker (D-IL) has a 5-phase plan to re-open IL, churches are in phase 5. Gov. said that churches will not be allowed to hold …

Congress investigates...again!

The House voted earlier in April to create a select committee to investigate the Fed response to covid. There are 3 separate entities in the funding bills to do just t…



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Top 5



(R)  IN-9th

1. M. Brooks (R) AL-5th A
2. R. Spano (R) FL-15th A
3. T. Hollingsworth (R) IN-9th A
4. G. Pence (R) IN-6th A
5. D. Kustoff (R) TN-8th A

Bottom 5



(D)  CA-31st

535. P. Aguilar (D) CA-31st F
534. C. Allred (D) TX-32nd F
533. C. Axne (D) IA-3rd F
532. N. Barragan (D) CA-44th F
531. D. Beyer (D) VA-8th F

MOC of the Week

Robert B. Aderholt

(R) Alabama - 4th
Ranked #0

Biggest Climbers

A. Biggs (R) AZ-5th
R. Latta (R) OH-5th
S. Collins (R) ME
S. Womack (R) AR-3rd
R. Bishop (R) UT-1st
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Biggest Fallers

R. Burr (R) NC
D. Lamborn (R) CO-5th
K. Marchant (R) TX-24th
J. Carter (R) TX-31st
T. Cole (R) OK-4th
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Most Viewed

1. N. Pelosi (D) CA-12th
2. C. Schumer (D) NY
3. D. Feinstein (D) CA
4. M. McConnell (R) KY
5. L. Graham (R) SC

Least Viewed

535. J. Van Drew (D) NJ-2nd
534. L. Blunt Rochester (D) DE
533. E. Luria (D) VA-2nd
532. R. Fulcher (R) ID-1st
531. J. Joyce (R) PA-13th